Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bust'em Boys - Reloaded

The 2011 Alabama youth duck hunt witnessed some fine shooting by the Bust'em Boys.  The weekend started a little slow with sub-freezing temperatures and calm air conspiring to freeze up the timber hole we had planned to hunt.  Last year's timber hunt was unfortunately not going to be repeated.

Saturday morning, the boys hunted a blind on the edge of a flooded cornfield and killed a couple ducks.  They returned to the same blind that afternoon but soon relocated to the middle of a partially flooded cornfield where they wallowed around in the mud and had a great hunt.

Sunday morning they hunted a small pond and had a barn-burner for the first 30 minutes of shooting time.  As we stood there waiting for legal shooting time, dozens of ducks circled, most of them eventually landing and safely taking off again.  Just as the clock hit 30 minutes before sunrise, a group of about 20 mallards worked in and it was game on...

Many thanks to Papa Bust'em for hosting another terrific youth hunt.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feelin' Ducky

What an incredible day! Four limits of mallards in just over an hour and an amazing 150 yard retrieve on the banded hen pictured above.  My recollection of that day two weeks ago...

Warm temps
Blue Sky
Blazing sun
Not the kind of day
That get's you Feelin' Ducky

But a North wind's building
Tonight a winter storm blows in
Freezing temps mean
Hungry ducks ahead

First a single
Then a pair
Then a pair of pairs
Screamin' out of the blinding sun
Then plummet to the ground

Now the gates open
The sky's alive!
Ducks swarm like flies

Fathers and sons
Man and beast
Work as one
To meet the tide

Time stands still
In my mind
A blur of frenzied motion
Days like this
Are rare to find

Man, I'm Feelin' Ducky