Northern Red Oak


An important first step in learning to scout for deer is learning to identify the mast-producing trees that whitetail deer prefer.  While it isn't critical to know the name of every tree in the woods, it is important to learn to recognize the key features of the important mast-producing trees in your area.  You can walk around looking for "those trees with the light-colored, shaggy-looking bark and the round-lobed leaves" but it is a whole lot easier to to just call them white oaks.

Becoming proficient in the Pursuit-style of hunting relies heavily on locating dominant trees, which - in most parts of the whitetails' range -  will be among the following species.  The articles provide photos, descriptions, range maps, and helpful hints on locating and identifying deer's preferred foods.

Black Oak
Blackjack Oak
Chestnut Oak
Chinkapin Oak
White Oak
Northern Red Oak
Pin Oak
Saul Oak
Shingle Oak
Southern Red Oak
Willow Oak