Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to Pursuit Hunting

This Blog is dedicated to whitetail deer hunters everywhere who are interested in honing their hunting skills and in so doing, gaining a greater appreciation for the great outdoors and the ultimate North American game animal. We created it to share some of the knowledge that we've picked up over the years and to allow others to make their own contributions through comments that can be added after each article.

The topics we cover reflect our hunting phiolosophy, which is that hunting takes place before you ever climb up in your treestand - everything that happens after that is just shooting. You won't find information about how to use the latest gadget to lure a deer within shooting range. There are hundreds of sources for that if you are interested.

We believe the challenge of whitetail deer hunting is in understanding deer behavior, learning about their world, and taking the hunt to them. The thrill is when you have put in some serious scouting time, put all the pieces of the puzzle together, set up in a location with lots of fresh sign, and the deer shows up. We've had lots of successful hunts without drawing a bow or pulling a trigger.

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