Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot and Nasty

It's just under two weeks to go before the opening of Tennessee's archery season and things look to be shaping up for a good year of dominant tree hunting. Here's a rundown on the primary mast producing trees in my hunting area. If you need a refresher on how to identify them, just click on the links.

Red Oaks - Excellent
Chestnut Oaks - Good
Chinkapin Oaks - Excellent
White Oaks - Fair(some trees look good, most don't)
Persimmons - Fair (Trees that get lots of sunlight have fruit, others don't)

But if I could hunt tomorrow (which I can't doggone it), my choice would be two Black Oak trees that I named in honor of a seventies hit song by the southern rockers Black Oak Arkansas. Check out the sign and see if you don't agree that this spot is "Hot and Nasty"!




In case you missed the seventies - or just can't remember 'em - here's a little trip on the way-back machine... By the way, if you like early (pre Hagar) Van Halen, you can thank Black Oaks' singer Jim Dandy. David Lee Roth ripped off, er..., learned his moves from this guy.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever laugh at the music we used to listen too? By the way my favorite was When elec came to ark, by black oak Ark

Pursuit Hunter said...

Yep. Some of my more literal hunting buddies looked me kinda strange when I included the BOA video on a hunting website. I guess they don't appreciate the historical or humor value of that little gem. I think it is a hoot to look back at what we used to think was cool.

Anonymous said...

ok dude that freaked the crap outta me

Anonymous said...

not sure about the music...but that looks like an awesome spot!