Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pursuit Hunting Hyperlink Haiku

OK, this is going to take some explaining.

Yesterday I received this wonderful compliment from fellow hunting blogger Kari Murray who liked this article I had written in a minimalist, stream-of-consciousness style. Her comments about how the sparse prose and photos had captured the essence of the hunting experience got me thinking... always a dangerous thing.

In my blog, I've written pretty extensively about the process of hunting. I've written about the emotional highs and lows of hunting. I've written about the relationships that it fosters with friends, family, and the natural world.

So, I wondered, could I enhance the impact of a few well-chosen words by harnessing the power of the internet? Voila... Haiku and Hyperlinks

As a writing exercise, I decided to try writing a Pursuit Hunting Hyperlink Haiku. My self-imposed rules... The piece had to fit the traditional Haiku five-seven-five structure. Each line had to contain a hyperlink to a related Pursuit Hunting blog article that elaborated on the word and the phrase and that helped to capture the essence of the hunt. And it had to include a related photo.

My first (and probably last) attempt:

beneath the white oak
acorns fall      deer come to eat
that is where i hunt

OK, back to gear reviews.


Anonymous said...

Well, I like it and trying new things is good for the soul. Nicely done.

Ben G. said...

How cool I'm going to have to try writing a couple of them myself now.

Pursuit Hunter said...

It was actually kinda fun to do. You should try it.

Anonymous said...

my teacher is making us write peoms for a project and this is a really good example.... thanks

Pursuit Hunter said...

Anonymous. Good luck on your assignment. Hope you get an "A". You can blame me if you don't.